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  • Apache InLong: Integration Framework for Massive Data

    Apache InLong, an integration framework designed for massive data, was originally built at Tencent, where it was used in production for more than eight years, to support massive data reporting services in big data scenarios. The project officially graduated as an Apache top-level project three years after the introduction of the project in the Apache Incubator.

  • Amazon Releases AWS Lake Formation to General Availability

    Recently, Amazon announced the general availability (GA) of AWS Lake Formation, a fully managed service that makes it much easier for customers to build, secure, and manage data lakes.

  • Microsoft Announces New Azure Analytics Services ADLS, ADX and More

    Microsoft has announced the general availability of two new Azure analytics services - Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS) and Azure Data Explorer (ADX). Furthermore, Microsoft also announced the preview of Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flow.

  • Netflix Demonstrates Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

    At QCon San Francisco, engineers at Netflix discussed their big data strategy and analytics infrastructure. This included a summary of the scale of their data, their S3 data warehouse, and Genie, their big data federated orchestration system.

  • Cloudbreak, New Hadoop as a Service API, Enters Open Beta

    Cloudbreak, a new open-source and cloud-agnostic Hadoop as a Service API, is now open for beta access to application developers and enterprises. SequenceIQ, Cloudbreak's maker, claims that its freely available product will make it easier to manage and monitor on-demand Hadoop clusters while also abstracting their provisioning.

  • Cascading 3.0 Adds Multiple Framework Support. Concurrent Driven Manages Big Data Apps

    Concurrent will release Cascading 3.0 in early summer to allow certain applications to run on multiple Big Data frameworks including MapReduce, Tez, Spark, Storm and others. Additionally, Driven, the new commercial product from Concurrent, provides powerful enterprise data application management for Big Data applications.

  • A Roundup of Cloudera Distribution Containing Apache Hadoop 5

    Cloudera recently released the latest version of its software distribution, CDH5. Almost 20 months after the last major version, CDH4 seems like ages in the Big Data world. We take a look at new features this release brings and the future direction of Cloudera after the latest round of investment from Intel and Google Ventures.

  • Graph Processing Using Big Data Technologies

    Processing extremely large graphs has been and remains a challenge, but recent advances in Big Data technologies have made this task more practical. Tapad, a startup based in NYC focused on cross-device content delivery, has made graph processing the heart of their business model using Big Data to scale to terabytes of data.

  • Big Data Hadoop Solutions, State of Affairs in Q1/2014

    According to a new Forrest report, Hadoop’s momentum is unstoppable. Its usage in the enterprise is continuously growing due to its ability to offer companies new ways to store, process, analyze, and share big data. The report takes a look at Hadoop vendors and ranks them.

  • Trifacta Seeks to Simplify Data Wrangling-as-a-Service

    Trifacta, a data analysis services platform, recently received VC investment to advance on their efforts of making data wrangling easier for data analysts. The goal is to collect, cleanse and munge data in a fraction of the time and effort it currently takes.

  • A Survey and Interview on How Hadoop Is Used Today

    This post presents the results of a Hortonworks survey of over 500 Hadoop Summit 2013 attendees on how they use Hadoop, and an interview with David McJannet on Hadoop trends today.

  • Big Data at Netflix Drives Business Decisions

    Jeff Magnusson from Netflix team gave a presentation at QCon SF 2013 Conference about their Data Platform as a Service. Following up to this presentation, we will look at the technology stack and how it helps Netflix to tackle important business decisions.

  • AnyPresence Soups up Enterprise MBaaS Platform- Part 1 of 2

    Mobile Backend as a Service provider AnyPresence continues to hone their chops. Launching the fifth update to their self-titled platform geared for the enterprise. Co-founder Rich Mendis provides some insights for InfoQ readers…

  • IBM Mobile First- MBaaS, Big Data and Then Some for Enterprise

    IBM has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of applications whereby enterprises can catch up to today’s current mobile computing trends. Mobile First is designed to enable enterprise to get their share of the billions of dollars that the firm maintains is being left on the table by the organizations that are not gearing up for this trend.

  • Precog: Big Data Analytics as a Service

    Precog has recently announced a Big Data warehousing and analysis service which takes care of the data capture, storage, transformation, analysis and visualization process and the infrastructure on which it runs, but leaving open various access points throughout the service via RESTful APIs enabling developers and data scientists to control the entire process.