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  • How Airbnb Migrated from Buck to Bazel with Minimal Interference to Developers

    Following in the line of other organizations migrating their build pipelines to Bazel, Airbnb provided a detailed walk-through of the process that led them to leave Buck behind and improve both build times as well as project generation and loading times.

  • Building Large-Scale iOS Apps at Airbnb

    The Airbnb iOS team addressed the challenge of its growing mobile app codebase and complexity by adopting new tools and processes, including a modern build systems, module types, and dev apps.

  • Why Gerrit chose Buck

    Six months ago, the Gerrit project started moving towards a Buck-based build system from the existing Maven build. With the 2.8 stream, Buck has become the default build. At EclipseCon, Shawn Pearce explained why the switch makes sense, and a little bit more about the build system itself. Read on to find out more about Buck and its advantages over Maven.