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  • Introducing the Pipline Builder for the Add-In Framework

    The Add-In Framework, introduced in .NET 3.5, is designed to facilitate applications that need to support partially trusted add-ins. Unfortunately the framework is rather complex, taking a minimum of 7 assemblies in order to build even the simplest application. The code generation tool Pipeline Builder seeks to address this.

  • Isolation for WPF Add-Ins

    For many applications, the ability to extend the application with third party features is essential. Microsoft's CLR Add-In team has been working on a formal model and API to make this task easier by isolating GUI elements in separate AppDomains.

  • CLR Add-In Model

    Currently .NET applications have the ability to host add-ins. Isolation and sand-boxing can even be accomplished via AppDomains. However there are some gapping holes in the use case. Microsoft's CLR Add-In Team intends to address these holes in VS 2007.