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  • Successful Software Rewrites: The Slack for Desktop Case

    With Netscape as an example, Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Stack Overflow, posited that rewriting code from scratch is the single worst strategic mistake any software company can make. The recent rewrite of Slack for Desktop seems to indicate otherwise.

  • A Sample Serverless Microservice Architecture from Autodesk

    In the webcast entitled "What's Better Than Microservices? Serverless Microservices," Alan Williams (Autodesk), Asha Chakrabarty (Amazon) and Alan Ho (Apigee) discuss the architecture of a serverless microservice built with lambda functions with Apigee end-points running on AWS.

  • Replaces PHP with JavaScript has replaced PHP with web technologies and a RESTful back-end API for the administration console.

  • DevOps at the UK Government

    Anna Shipman, technical architect at UK's Government Digital Service (GDS), revealed to the QCon London attendees how DevOps permeates their culture. GDS aims to lead the digital transformation of UK's government, "mak[ing] digital services and information simpler, clearer and faster". Its most well known site is GOV.UK, which provides government information and services.

  • How Agile Can Learn from Behavioral Economics

    People often don’t decide and act rationally, according to studies from the area of behavioral economics. Pierre Hervouet describes how our brain takes decisions, talks about experiments on using personas and the IKEA effect and explains what we can learn from these experiments for agile software development.

  • Coverity 2012: How to Get a Low Defect Density

    This article contains the testimonies of several project leaders detailing the process used to achieve a low Coverity Scan defect density.


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