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  • Q&A and Book Review on Liftoff, Second Edition

    The book Liftoff, Second Edition by Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies, provides practices and insights for chartering teams by understanding their needs, building trust, and defining how they will interact in the team and align with other parts of the organization. It's a book for Agile coaches, Scrum masters or agile product and project managers to help teams to understand the why behind the work.

  • Agile Development Team Charter

    Project Charters have rightfully focused on scope & goals for the project. However, team members can be unclear on their roles, activities, and expectations. This is especially true for people new to Agile. The Agile Development Team Charter addresses this gap by reviewing the Agile Prime Directive, Incremental Innovation Statements, and Team Member User Stories to provide clarity and context.