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  • Bringing VMware Environments to Azure, Microsoft and VMWare Establish Partnership

    At the recent Dell Technologies World conference, Microsoft and VMware announced an expanded partnership that enables certified VMware cloud infrastructure to run in Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft first party capability is made possible through a solution provided by CloudSimple, a VMware certified partner, and officially is called Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple.

  • Partly Cloudy, Twitter Embarks on Their Cloud Journey

    In a recent blog post, Twitter announced the start of their journey, a project known internally as "Partly Cloudy", to the public cloud. The post outlines some of the constraints that have prevented them from doing so in the past and describes why now is a good time to embark on this transformation.

  • Hiscox CTO Emphasises DevOps Is about Survival

    Hiscox's CTO talks about cloud strategy, DevOps and getting ops on board these changes.

  • Cloud Migrations, Highly Regulated Environments, and Making Work Visible: DOES17 London Day Two

    At the London DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017 (DOES17) conference, the second morning of keynotes discussed the role DevOps plays when migrating to cloud platforms; the creation and cultivation of effective teams that must work within high-regulatory environments; and how to improve the flow of business value by making work visible.

  • CloudNativeCon and KubeCon Summary: Kubernetes 1.6, Docker and CoreOS Donations, and Certifications

    At the combined CloudNativeCon and KubeCon Europe conferences, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) made several announcements, including: the latest release of the container scheduling platform, Kubernetes 1.6.; the acceptance of Docker’s containerd and CoreOS’ rkt container technology projects into the CNCF; and the release of the ‘Kubernetes Certified Administrator Exam’ curriculum.

  • RightScale Cloud Survey 2017

    RightScale has recently published their annual cloud survey (RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report) which comprises the status and the trends in cloud computing adoption and usage, comparing some of the values with last year’s results.

  • Achieving Cloud-Native Operability

    To drive operational maturity you need a microservices architecture, continuous delivery process, DevOps culture and platform automation. Together these four help you to transform your whole organization for achieving cloud-native operability to continuously deliver additional value to your customers.

  • RightScale Survey Highlights Cloud Trends: Multi-Cloud, Consolidated Governance, Skills Gap

    RightScale just released the results of their annual “State of the Cloud” survey which identifies trends in cloud adoption and usage. The key findings? Organizations are investing in both public and private clouds, security is no longer the number one challenge to adoption, Docker and Ansible are growing in popularity, and central IT departments are taking on a greater role in decision making.

  • Structure 2015 - State of the Cloud and Container Ecosystems

    Rising from the ashes of GigaOm the tribal gathering of cloud elders that is Structure has returned, and got off to a strong start with Battery Ventures' Adrian Cockcroft presenting on the State of the Cloud and Container Ecosystems. Cockcroft paid particular attention to the impact of containers, which wasn’t even a major discussion topic at the last Structure conference in 2013.

  • IBM: 70% of Enterprises Are Using Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social

    With Raising the game - The IBM Business Tech Trends Study (PDF) IBM has evaluated the current adoption landscape of 4 key technologies in the enterprise: Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobile and Social, comparing today’s adoption with 2012’s and Pacesetters against Dabblers.

  • A Few Highlights from QConSF2013- Part 2 of 2

    It's one thing having an in-house training program. But there is a certain deeper insight that can be gained from attending a Q-Con conference in person. Which may be one reason why attendance at the globe-hopping event continues to grow.

  • A Few Highlights from QConSF2013- Part 1 of 2

    On each day of the 3-day conference at the inviting environs offered at the Hyatt there was a jam-packed schedule of speakers, exhibits and activities that made for some difficult decisions as to which tracks and what happening to attend.

  • MS, Google to Sue US Govt. for Permission to Release More Data about Privacy Damaging FISA Requests

    Microsoft and Google are working together in a fight for greater transparency on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) orders. Not satisfied with the limited out of court agreement that’s already been reached with the US government to disclose summary data relating to national security requests, the two companies are now taking legal action and lobbying for support from Congress.

  • Community-Driven Research: Next Major Hurdle for Cloud Computing?

    InfoQ's research initiative continues with a 5th question: "What is the Next Major Hurdle for Cloud Computing?". This is a new service we hope will provide you with up-to-date & bias-free community-based insight into trends & behaviors that affect enterprise software development. Unlike traditional vendor/analyst-based research, our research is based on answers provided by YOU.

  • InfoQ User Survey 2012 - 14 Questions to Help Us Get to Know You

    InfoQ would like to better understand your information needs: the type of content you find interesting, the kinds of tools & technologies you are using, and how you interact with the site. Please help us by taking our 2012 user survey - the survey is anonymous and your replies will be kept confidential.


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