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  • Bridget Kromhout on Cloud Foundry

    Bridget Kromhout explains Cloud Foundry, how to run or use it, the tools Cloud Foundry provides for automation, and much more.

    Bridget Kromhout on Cloud Foundry
  • Interview with Andy Piper on Cloud Foundry

    Andy Piper provides an overview of Cloud Foundry, where it has come from and where it is going, recorded at QCon London 2014.

    Interview with Andy Piper on Cloud Foundry
  • Simon Wardley on the Cloud Landscape

    Simon Wardley talks about Amazon and it's competitive landscape, including Google, OpenStack, telcos and the hardware manufactures. Looking at how Amazon got to be so dominant in the IaaS space, the missteps by established vendors in letting it, and where future competition might come from. With a short detour to discuss Cloud Foundry and platform strategy.

    Simon Wardley on the Cloud Landscape
  • What’s Next for jclouds?

    Adrian Cole discusses his jclouds project, which is an open source library that helps Java developers get started in the cloud and reuse their Java development skills. Cole also talks about some of the challenges of creating a cloud agnostic library, such as the use of different hypervisors and that various cloud implementations are written in different languages, such as VB, Python, Ruby, etc.

    What’s Next for jclouds?
  • Chris Richardson discusses Cloud Foundry and Cloud Computing

    Chris Richardson discusses the evolving cloud computing landscape, cloud computing tools, differences between local machines and cloud-based virtual machines, Cloud Foundry offerings, deploying a Java application to Cloud Foundry, Cloud Foundry vs other cloud offerings, future Cloud Foundry developments, and the future of enterprise Java development.

    Chris Richardson discusses Cloud Foundry and Cloud Computing

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