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  • Debunking Common Myths About ColdFusion

    ColdFusion has been around for quite some time — since 1995 — and like any technology with a bit of age behind it, quite a few misconceptions exist about the platform and its capabilities. This contributed article addresses some of the common myths around CF.

  • Railo joins

    Swiss software house Railo have announced that they are joining and will be releasing their Java based ColdFusion Markup Language engine for free under the LGPL.

  • ColdFusion as an Integration Platform

    Facing stiff competition in the web server market, Adobe has added .NET support to ColdFusion 8. This sets it up to be perhaps the most connected platform out of the box.

  • ColdFusion Steals Microsoft's Update Panel

    According to Vince Bonfanti, the developers of BlueDragon have developed a Cold Fusion version of the Update Panel by leveraging Microsoft's AJAX client-side library. Like the ASP.NET version, developers simply need to wrap part of their code in special tags to enable partial page rendering.