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ColdFusion as an Integration Platform

Support for other languages is not a new concept for ColdFusion. Their list of supported platforms and API technologies include COM, CORBA, Java, JMS, XMPP, SOAP, and AMF. With ColdFusion 8, .NET is added to that list.

It is not just that ColdFusion can communicate with these other platforms, but that it can do so right out of the box. While other platforms like Java or .Net many of these require 3rd party libraries of varying quality and support, Adobe itself is making the promise that these will just work. This means ColdFusion is now an option for bridging disparate systems.

This doesn't come cheaply though. The starting price for ColdFusion is 1,299 US and a whopping 7,499 if you want to run in within a J2EE application server or communicate with Oracle. Though considering that Oracle has an ADO.NET driver, perhaps the Enterprise edition is not needed after all.

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