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  • A Personal Reflection on Agile Ten Years On

    by Stephen J. Mellor on  Feb 11, 2011 6

    Stephen J Mellor was one of the original signatories of the Agile Manifesto. He attended the Snowbird meeting “as a spy” with but found himself agreeing with most of what was being said and became a proponent of Agile techniques and emphasizes the value of modelling in the Agile world. We rarely see the words “agile” and “model” in the same sentence, but they are not at all in conflict.

  • Submissions and Reviews in the Agile2011

    by Chris Matts on  Feb 01, 2011 1

    Chris Matts who has been part of the Agile Conference submission review team gives advice to submitters of Agile 2011 candidate sessions on how improve their changes of acceptance. Chris also provides advice to session reviewers of Agile 2011, the largest annual Agile event.

  • A Tester's Learning Journey

    by Lisa Crispin on  Jun 24, 2010 3

    The software industry is changing fast. More and more teams put testing up front and center; they use tests to drive development. In this article, Lisa Crispin talks about how her attitude and curiosity have shaped her career and kept her passion for testing software fresh.

Bringing in Social Content to Custom Applications with Apache Shindig

Posted by Boris Lublinsky on  Oct 09, 2009

This article covers Apache Shindig, an OpenSocial implementation which can be used to alleviate issues with implementing OpenSocial gadgets like proprietary APIs and different OpenSocial versions.

Building Scalability and Achieving Performance: A Virtual Panel

Posted by James Cox on  Jul 22, 2008

Our panel of leading experts explores some of the challenges and thought processes that go into making their apps as scalable and performant as possible. 1

AgileAdvert Video Winners Announced

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Aug 20, 2007

"So you want to be a famous Agilist?" The 2007 AgileAdvert contest winner was announced at Agile2007 last week: it is "Matthew", sadly a victim of "Developer Abuse". See all the winners here!

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