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  • Being an Agent of Change for Others and Yourself

    Everyone can be an agent of change, even with small contributions. You can also be an agent of change for yourself by focusing on what you can control. Knowing why to change matters, and exploring it you may find out that it’s not the time yet to make a change.

  • .NET Community Toolkit 8.2: MVVM Toolkit Attributes, Performance Enhancements, and More

    Microsoft has released the latest version of its .NET Community Toolkit, version 8.2, and it comes with several new enhancements and features. According to the release, this new version brings performance enhancements both at runtime and in the MVVM Toolkit source generators, new code fixers aimed at boosting productivity, and a number of user-requested features.

  • .NET Community Toolkit 8.1 Released

    Recently Microsoft released .NET Community Toolkit 8.1. This new release contains performance improvements to the MVVW Toolkit source generators. There are also new features such as custom attributes for ObservableProperty, MVVM Toolkit analyzers, IObservable<T> messenger extensions and support for .NET 7 and C# 11.

  • What's New in .NET Community Toolkit v8.1.0 Preview 1

    Microsoft’s .NET Community Toolkit’s latest version, v.8.1.0, recently reached its first preview release. The release brings several new features and improvements to the toolkit: improvements to the MVVM source generator performance and the addition of custom attributes support for the ObservableProperty attribute. It also brings additional IMessenger extensions and .NET 7 and C# 11 support.

  • .NET MAUI Community Kit 1.3 Released

    On October 4th 2022, Microsoft released version 1.3 of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit, a library of valuable additions to the official MAUI application framework. This release includes bug fixes and several enhancements such as gravatar support, a coloured status bar, and fade animation for controls.

  • JReleaser 1.0: Talking to the Early Adopters of the Release Automation Tool

    JReleaser was powering its releases, to make sure it understood the consumer experience first hand. In the meantime, other projects decided to use it as well. InfoQ talked to the developers behind them to understand their experience and how stable JReleaser really is.

  • Workplace Challenges & Opportunities for Software Engineering Professionals

    Skills shortages, the great resignation, remote and hybrid working, continuing impacts of COVID-19 and increasing demand on software professionals have been examined and surveyed over the last few months and have identified both challenges and opportunities for software engineering professionals at this time. Time pressure, resource limitations and increasing customer demand contribute to stress.

  • Amazon Introduces re:Post, a "Stack Overflow" for AWS

    At re:Invent Amazon announced re:Post, a Q&A service that replaced the AWS Forums and is designed to offer crowd-sourced and expert-reviewed answers to technical questions about AWS.

  • Will the Hybrid Work’s Great Paradox Be the Decade’s Challenge?

    The pandemic moved the office home, and while the medical system is trying to eradicate it allowing us to resume our lives as we know them, we also need to understand what the new normal will be. While some leaders will return to the office as soon as it is allowed, others adopt a fully remote approach as the main-approach. Probably a hybrid approach would be the new normal for most of us.

  • Moving from Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome toward Seeing the Benefits of Diversity in Technology

    As someone with a non technical background, Charu Bansal, has navigated the imposter syndrome in her career, often wondering what value she could bring to security. In her talk at The Diana Initiative 2021, she showed how having a diverse perspective helped her to solve challenging security problems as she pivoted from a non-technical career into information security.

  • Assessing Remote Employee Experiences for Hybrid-Remote Work-Settings

    Employers and employees have begun to prepare for their return to the office. One of the options is a hybrid-remote work setting which aims to support individual preferences when it comes to where, when, and how to work. According to Kaleem Clarkson, assessing your remote employee experience can help to make decisions on workplace flexibility policies.

  • Collective Learnings about Remote Working during Covid-19

    The response to the pandemic showed how to make sure people are productive and included in a hybrid environment, and it's all due to the learnings we carried on from March 2020. Many organisations demonstrated how it’s possible to work in an inclusive and productive way even if people are distributed around the world.

  • The Impact of Radical Uncertainty on People

    Humans look for certainty as that makes them feel safe. Suddenly becoming an entirely distributed team due to the pandemic disrupted people. According to Kara Langford, radical uncertainty can cause people to believe they are in danger and lead to health issues. People will respond differently; uncertainty has also shown to lead to fresh ideas, innovations, and social good.

  • Virtualizing Design Sprint and UX Workshops

    Design sprint and UX workshops can be done virtually using a combination of remote whiteboards and communication platforms. It brings advantages like being able to invite international experts, having remote participants attend, less travelling, smaller carbon footprint, and lower costs.

  • The Post COVID Normal Will Be Hybrid Work Environments

    The Microsoft Work Trend Report points to flexible, hybrid work being the new normal, leaders being out of touch with their employees, an exhausted workforce, innovation at risk, shrinking networks, the need for authenticity to spur productivity and well-being & a huge negative impact on GenZ. The report provides concrete advice for charting the way forward to overcome these and other challenges.