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  • Lean Change Using Innovative Practices

    Organizations are looking for ways to do continuous change to increase their agility. There’s an interest in practices that managers can use to make change happen in their organizations. InfoQ interviewed Jason Little about his book on lean change management, what inspires him, and on using options and innovative practices in change.

  • Booz Allen Wins $87.7 Million Order to Provide Software Architecture Support to U.S. Army

    As published by Defence Professionals the U.S. company Booz Allen has recently won an $87.8 million order to provide software architecture support for the U.S. Army’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS-A).

  • Tackling the Agile Coaching Work/Life Imbalance

    Agile Coaching often involves travelling outside of a coaches home town to whereever the client may be located. As a result, coaches may feel like they are working all the time. Is there hope for a work/life balance?

  • Should Agile Coaches Have a Code of Ethics?

    Recently on the <a href="">Agile Leaders mailing list</a> Dan Mezick initiated a discussion on the need for <a href="">Agile Coaching Ethics</a>.