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  • Rust Hyper HTTP Library Will Contribute to Make Curl Safer

    Written in C, the popular curl and libcurl tools, which are installed in some six billion devices worldwide, are exposed to well-known security problems arising from the use of a non-memory safe language. A new initiative now aims to provide a memory-safe HTTP/HTTPS backend for curl based on Rust Hyper library.

  • Virtual Panel: The Current and Future State of RIA

    InfoQ recently conducted a virtual panel on the current and future state of RIA and Ajax technologies. The panel features a number of valued contributors to the community including Dion Almaer, Jnan Dash, Didier Girard, Peter Pilgrim, Tim Sneath, and Ryan Stewart.

  • Overview of the Curl Enterprise RIA Platform

    In this post, discusses the platform with Curl, Inc. VP of Developer Relations Richard Monson-Haefel. Curl is a platform for building Enterprise RIA applications. Monson-Haefel covers the Curl programming language, IDE, and client side runtime. In addition, he highlights why you might consider using Curl over Adobe AIR and Flex when building RIA’s for the enterprise.