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  • D1 is Being Discontinued in 2012

    Digital Mars, makers of the C++ alternative D, have decided to discontinue the original version of D. They had been maintaining D1 along with its successor D2 since 2007, but with the later now well established they feel it is no longer appropriate to dedicate resources to the older language past December 2012.

  • An Introduction to D and Visual D

    D is a systems programming language from Digital Mars that focuses on “combining the power and high performance of C and C++ with the programmer productivity of modern languages like Ruby and Python.” While still being a statically typed language that compiles directly to native code, the syntax looks very much like Java or C# but it has some interesting advances.

  • Source for the D.NET Compiler is Now Available

    Cristian Vlasceanu has released the source code for the D.NET compiler. Like C++ and ObjectiveC, D is a C-based language that attempts to correct some of the issues and limitations of the venerable language.

  • Cristian Vlasceanu and D for the .NET platform.

    Cristian Vlasceanu takes some time from working on the D compiler for .NET to talk with InfoQ about the language and the difficulties in porting it.