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  • Amazon RDS Now Supports IBM Db2

    During the recent re:Invent conference, AWS announced that Amazon RDS now offers support for IBM Db2, including both the Standard Edition and Advanced Edition. Db2 becomes the sixth engine supported by this managed database service, joining PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, and Oracle.

  • DB2 Express Now Offers 16 GB of RAM

    IBM has relaxed the memory restrictions on the free version of their flagship database. Version 10.5 of DB2 Express-C can now use up to 16 GB of RAM. The product already allowed for unlimited database sizes on disc but is limited to a single socket (2 cores).

  • DB2 Debugging in Visual Studio 2010

    IBM is offering a demo of their DB2 Add-ins for Visual Studio 2010. In addition to "full end to end debugging for SQL procedures for VB and C# apps”, it includes ADO.NET and Entity Framework providers for many of the DB2 variants.

  • DB2 and Visual Studio

    Last week we talked about Oracle's support for Visual Studio. Well they are not the only ones who see the need to integrate with VS. IBM's DB2 for .NET offers both ADO.NET drivers and Add-ins for Visual Studio.