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  • New R8 Android Code Shrinker Available in Android Studio 3.3 Beta

    Following the migration to D8 as its new Dalvik compiler, Google has been working on a new code shrinker, R8, which is now available in Android Studio 3.3 beta. R8 promises to deliver smaller APK files in less time.

  • Android Studio Switched to New D8 Compiler

    Recently released Android Studio 3.1 switched to a new DEX compiler which promises to provide better and faster compilation, writes Google software engineer Jeffrey van Gogh.

  • The Google I/O 2014 Keynote Address

    Google’s two-day 2014 developer conference began with the opening keynote address. (The “opening” keynote is, in fact, the only keynote in this year’s schedule.)

  • Can APIs be Copyrighted?

    Whilst the Oracle/Google case was initially based on the assumption that Oracle's patents were valid – now all but demolished – Oracle has switched tack to claim that it is a copyright violation. At heart is the question of whether an API or even a computer language can be copyrightable.

  • Oracle and Google go to Court

    Last month, Judge Paul Grewal ordered the Oracle and Google to attempt to negotiate a settlement. Google offered a $2.8 million settlement on condition that Oracle can prove patent infringement. However, Oracle rejected that offer as too low, so the case will go to court on the 16th April.

  • Google Asserts Oracle Patents Invalid

    Google has fired back against Oracle in the ongoing JVM dispute, and is now asserting that the Oracle JVM patents are invalid because of obviousness. Things are just about to get interesting.