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Fast Data with Dean Wampler

In this podcast, Deam Wampler discusses fast data, streaming, microservices, and the paradox of choice when it comes to the options available today building data pipelines.

| Posted on Dec 08, 2017 with Dean Wampler Follow 2 Followers

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Martin Hadley on R and the Modern R Ecosystem

| Posted on Jul 21, 2017 with Martin Hadley Follow 0 Followers

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CA Agile Leaders on the Using Data and Creating a Safe Environment to Drive Strategy

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Shannon Mason, Laureen Knudsen and Steve Wolfe about a wide range of topics, from agile marketing and using data effectively to drive strategy, to organisation incentives and neuroscience.

| Posted on May 08, 2018 with Laureen Knudsen Follow 0 Followers , Steve Wolfe Follow 1 Followers , Shannon Mason Follow 0 Followers

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Troy Magennis on Using Data to Support Decision Making

| Posted on Apr 13, 2018 with Troy Magennis Follow 4 Followers

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