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Blanca Garcia Gil

Profile page created Feb 25, 2020

Independent consultant | QCon PC | former principal engineer
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Blanca works as an independent data consultant, is a programming committee member for QCon London and webinar host for the LeadDev Staff+ series. Most recently she was Lead Analytics Engineer at the Berlin-based fintech startup topi, focused on building their data analytics platform from the ground up. Before that, Blanca spent 7 years at the BBC, first as a Senior Data Engineer and then a Principal Engineer in the Data Platform team, where she built highly scalable data ingestion pipelines and led teams improving access to data in the data warehouse and data visualisation. Prior to the BBC, she held a variety of roles: web applications development, mobile prototyping and working on a content management system, as well as writing high throughput APIs. In her free time, she loves traveling, reading, swimming, and cooking. She enjoys learning new hobbies such as clothes making, drawing or languages. She grew up in Spain and has also lived in the United States and Australia. She is currently based in London, UK.