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Cloud-Native Data: What Is it? Will it Solve the Data-DevOps Divide?

Posted by Charity Majors  on  May 12, 2018 Posted by Charity Majors Follow 1 Followers , Brian Dunlap Follow 1 Followers , James Governor​ Follow 1 Followers , Tim Richardson Follow 1 Followers , Dormain Drewitz Follow 1 Followers  on  May 12, 2018

The panelists debate whether data's answer to cloud-native will mirror DevOps or not.

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Next Steps in Stateful Streaming with Apache Flink

Posted by Stephan Ewan  on  May 02, 2018 Posted by Stephan Ewan Follow 1 Followers  on  May 02, 2018

Stephan Ewan talks about how Apache Flink is making stateful stream processing even more expressive and flexible to support applications in streaming that were previously not considered streamable.

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Data-Based Coaching Brings Humanness to Agile Teams

Posted by Bazil Arden  on  Apr 22, 2018 Posted by Bazil Arden Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 22, 2018

Bazil Arden discusses how ‘data-based coaching’ helps to surface and tackle cognitive biases, focus on the wider system and counter political forces, enhancing psychological safety.

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Data Decisions with Real-Time Stream Processing

Posted by Serhat Yilmaz  on  Feb 28, 2018 Posted by Serhat Yilmaz Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 28, 2018

Serhat Yilmaz talks about how Facebook is using stream processing at scale, the difficulties they have encountered and the solutions they have created to date.

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Managing Data in Microservices

Posted by Randy Shoup  on  Feb 22, 2018 2 Posted by Randy Shoup Follow 20 Followers  on  Feb 22, 2018 2

Randy Shoup discusses managing data in microservices and shares proven patterns and practical advice that has been successful at Google, eBay, and Stitch Fix.

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Designing Visualizations for Action

Posted by Chris Varosy  on  Feb 11, 2018 Posted by Chris Varosy Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 11, 2018

Chris Varosy discusses strategies for designing data visualizations and dashboards that bring the insight users need to make decisions.

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Data Consistency in Microservice Using Sagas

Posted by Chris Richardson  on  Jan 31, 2018 5 Posted by Chris Richardson Follow 40 Followers  on  Jan 31, 2018 5

Chris Richardson discusses messaging, durability, and reliability in microservice architectures leveraging the Saga Pattern, explaining how sagas work and introduces a saga framework for Java.

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Systems That Learn

Posted by Stephen Buckley  on  Nov 05, 2017 Posted by Stephen Buckley Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 05, 2017

Stephen Buckley discusses the Systems That Learn initiative which aims to create systems that learn by combining expertise in Systems and Machine Learning.

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Homoiconicity: It Is What It Is

Posted by Stuart Sierra  on  Oct 31, 2017 Posted by Stuart Sierra Follow 4 Followers  on  Oct 31, 2017

Stuart Sierra demonstrates the power that comes from having the same data representation at all layers: programming language, specification, database, inter-process communication, and user interface.

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Data-Driven Coaching - Safely Turning Team Data into Coaching Insights

Posted by Troy Magennis  on  Oct 29, 2017 Posted by Troy Magennis Follow 4 Followers  on  Oct 29, 2017

Troy Magennis shows how to expose data to teams in order for them to retrospect productively, determine if a process experiment is panning out as expected, and to explore process change opportunities.

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Machine Learning in Academia and Industry

Posted by Deborah Hanus  on  Oct 10, 2017 Posted by Deborah Hanus Follow 1 Followers  on  Oct 10, 2017

Deborah Hanus discusses some of the challenges that can arise when working with data.

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AI-Based Data Extraction

Posted by George Roth  on  May 28, 2017 Posted by George Roth Follow 0 Followers  on  May 28, 2017

George Roth presents the challenges of data extraction from unstructured content in the context of preparing the data for Data Analytics.

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