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  • TimeProvider and ITimer: Writing Unit Tests with Time in .NET 8 Preview 4

    The article discusses the challenges of writing unit tests and handling date and time in .NET. TimeProvider and ITimer are new universal time abstractions available in NET 8 Preview 4 for dependency injections and unit testing, offering extensive functionality for managing time-related operations.

  • Intuitive, Robust Date and Time Handling, Finally Comes to Java

    Date and time are fundamental concepts to many applications, yet Java SE had no good API to handle them; until now! With Java SE 8, java.time provides a well-structured API to cover date and time. In this article, JSR-310 (Java Date and Time API's) spec-lead and Jodatime author Stephen Colbourne discusses the new API's as well as the background for Date and Time handling in Java 8.