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Date and Time Formatting in Java 9 Will Get Closer to Unicode Locale Standards

by Abraham Marín Pérez Follow 9 Followers on  Feb 14, 2017

Several parsing and formatting changes have been incorporated to bring the functionality closer to Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML). These changes have been supervised by Stephen Colebourne, creator of the popular library JodaTime, precursor of the new java.time component in Java 8. Abiding by the Unicode standard will provide better interoperability with other non-Java systems.


Noda Time Gets Faster, Adds Persian and Hebrew Calendar Support

by Roopesh Shenoy Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 30, 2014

Noda Time v 1.3 has been released with several new features such as support for Persian and Hebrew Calendars, performance improvements for parsing and formatting and several API additions.


Java Currency and Money Standard Forges Ahead

by Ben Evans Follow 35 Followers on  Jun 03, 2014

The Java standard for Currency and Money (JSR 354) currently under development reached another important milestone this May with the publication of a second Public Review draft. InfoQ spoke to Anatole Tresch of Credit Suisse who is leading the standardisation effort.