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InfoQ Homepage News Noda Time Gets Faster, Adds Persian and Hebrew Calendar Support

Noda Time Gets Faster, Adds Persian and Hebrew Calendar Support

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Noda Time v 1.3 has been released, with several new features such as support for Persian and Hebrew Calendars, performance improvements for parsing and formatting and several API additions.

A brief list of changes in 1.3 -

You can get the latest release via NuGet and see the full list of changes in the release notes.

A key update is that development on Noda Time 2.0 has started, and it will not be binary compatible with Noda Time 1.x (although it will be mostly source-compatible). Important changes are in line, such as changing the granularity of Instant and Duration from ticks to nanoseconds. Another interesting change that is expected is a new unified API for changing dates and times similar to the Java 8 "adjuster" concept.

Noda Time is based on the popular Joda Time but with an API more idiomatic for .NET. It aims to provide a powerful date-time library for .NET, solving some underlying issues with the built-in DateTime structure.

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