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  • Sidewalk Labs Launches Machine Learning Tool for Urban Design

    Sidewalk Labs recently released Delve, a generative design tool powered by machine learning (ML), which helps developers, architects, and planners design urban neighborhoods. The ML algorithms can generate design options from minimal user input about the space and the goals of the project, while also measuring the impact of each design choice.

  • How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Designing Products

    Artificial intelligence is changing the way that we interact with technology; eliminating unnecessary interfaces makes interaction with machines more humane, argued Agnieszka Walorska at ACE conference 2019. The expectations towards customer experience have changed, and one factor that is becoming more and more important to this change is machine learning.

  • Eric Evans: Domain-Driven Design Even More Relevant Now

    Eric Evans, author of Domain-Driven Design, said the concepts in the book he wrote in 2003 are even more relevant now than they were 14 years ago. As the range of tools and technologies has expanded, some lend themselves to the principles of DDD better than others we've had in the past. Evans said, "DDD is not about technology, but is not indifferent about technology."

  • Software – Is it "Engineering" Yet?

    At the GOTO Amsterdam 2015 conference Mary Shaw talked about progress towards an engineering discipline of software. She explored what it means to have an engineering discipline, how far we have progressed toward having one for software, and what can be the next steps.