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Practical mTLS: Security without the Headaches

Posted by Ying Li  on  Jul 18, 2017 Posted by Ying Li Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 18, 2017

Ying Li discusses in detail the implementation challenges of Swarm, how her team at Docker greatly reduced the overhead necessary to manage an infrastructure that makes use of TLS certificates.

Data Science Follow 131 Followers

Fast, Scalable, Reusable: A New Perspective on Production ML/AI Systems

Posted by Ekrem Aksoy  on  Jul 12, 2017 Posted by Ekrem Aksoy Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 12, 2017

Ekrem Aksoy discusses why production ML/AI systems should have a different perspective than the usual DevOps perspective which works on data immune systems.

Architecture & Design Follow 279 Followers

Architecture Patterns for Microservices in Kubernetes

Posted by Thomas Fricke  on  Jul 05, 2017 1 Posted by Thomas Fricke Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 05, 2017 1

Thomas Fricke describes some common patterns to build applications for use in containers, with real world examples using Kubernetes.

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AaaS – Anything as a Service. Anything Left to Do, Then?

Posted by Dustin Huptas  on  Jul 01, 2017 Posted by Dustin Huptas Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 01, 2017

Dustin Huptas compares private infrastructure with cloud IaaS. PaaS, serverless, considering pros and cons and discussing cases where either model makes sense.

Data Science Follow 131 Followers

Beyond Big Data - The Realization of an Active Grid in the Age of Fog Computing

Posted by Jan Forrslow  on  Jul 01, 2017 Posted by Jan Forrslow Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 01, 2017

Jan Forrslow discusses Fog Computing, Active Grids, and how an IoT network can become an Active Grid by using Fog Computing.

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Big Ideas: Decentralized Storage

Posted by David Vorick  on  Jun 27, 2017 Posted by David Vorick Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 27, 2017

David Vorick talks about the need for distributed/decentralized storage, real life use cases for distributed storage systems, dealing with data loss in a distributed system, overviewing IPFS and Sia.

Architecture & Design Follow 279 Followers

Serverless - Power to the Black Box!

Posted by Michael Bruns  on  Jun 25, 2017 Posted by Michael Bruns Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 25, 2017

Michael Bruns shows for which purposes serverless is a good fit, how it actually works and in which cases it is better to avoid it.

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After Acceptance: Reasoning about System Outputs

Posted by Stefanos Zachariadis  on  Jun 20, 2017 Posted by Stefanos Zachariadis Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 20, 2017

Stefanos Zachariadis discusses techniques for bringing testing to production, showing how to sanity check a live system using end-to-end testing, and limiting interference with real users.

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Monitoring Serverless Architectures

Posted by Rafal Gancarz  on  Jun 20, 2017 Posted by Rafal Gancarz Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 20, 2017

Rafal Gancarz provides an overview of monitoring capabilities required for serverless apps -metering, logging, tracing, auditing, alerting-, and helpful AWS services.u

Architecture & Design Follow 279 Followers

Do You Really Know Your Response Times?

Posted by Daniel Rolls  on  Jun 20, 2017 Posted by Daniel Rolls Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 20, 2017

Daniel Rolls talks about the use of histogram metrics to monitor response times, explains how reservoir sampling can help, and shares good and bad practices when monitoring response times.

DevOps Follow 101 Followers

Monitoring Bash Microservices at Scale

Posted by Paul Bellamy  on  Jun 16, 2017 Posted by Paul Bellamy Follow  Followers  on  Jun 16, 2017

Paul Bellamy covers epic fails experienced moving to microservices using the RED method to monitor what matters, and production outages they solved with detailed telemetry.

Development Follow 57 Followers

Selecting Your IoT Connectivity: eUICC & Intelligent Multi-network SIMs

Posted by Angel Mercedes  on  Jun 16, 2017 Posted by Angel Mercedes Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 16, 2017

Angel Mercedes discusses the new IoT SIM technologies, how to choose the right SIM, use cases for IoT SMART SIM and eUICC/eSims, criteria for selecting an IoT platform and connectivity provider.

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