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  • Putting Arduino and the ESP32 at Work for STEM Education

    Launched on IndieGogo a few months ago after 2+ years in development, Crowbits is a STEM education project that leverages both the Arduino and ESP32 boards to teach logical thinking and programming. Featuring Lego-blocks compatibility and a Scratch-like interface, the project has reached its IndieGogo backing goal and is ready to ship, says Crowbits' maker Elecrow.

  • BlockLike.js Aims to Make it Easier to Go from MIT Scratch to JavaScript Programming

    BlockLike.js is an educational JavaScript library that attempts to extend the block-based Scratch learning experience to JavaScript text-based programming.

  • Using Agile Approaches to Improve Teaching, Learning and Education in Developing Nations

    Julian Harty is delivering a keynote talk at the upcoming Agile Pune conference focusing on the work he has been doing using agile approaches to improve education outcomes in developing nations. InfoQ interviewed him about his work and his upcoming keynote titled "If not now, when? If not you, who?"

  • Details of NetBeans Day at JavaOne 2014

    Oracle have announced details for NetBeans Day 2014. Particular topics of interest include Maven, a new Education initiative and an appearance by James Gosling.

  • Experiences from Educational Technology Startups

    Educational technology is developing itself, and startups are entering markets with new apps and creative commons content. Speakers shared their experiences on education and gaming and finding the right fit for an EdTech startup, at the GOTO Amsterdam 2013 conference.

  • Learning from Failures with The Lean Startup

    The lean startup is about fast delivery of desired products to customers, and increasing your understanding about the needs of customers. With the lean startup, people can learn faster from failures and become better innovators. There are teachers that use a lean startup based approach in education, which helps their students to learn faster.

  • Pizzigati Prize For Software in the Public Interest Open for Nominations

    InfoQ doesn't normally report on contests and calls for registration . But for the Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest, this time we decided to make an exception. The Pizzigati Prize is a $10,000 prize awarded to "a software developer who adds significant value to the nonprofit sector and movements for social change". Nominations are open until December 15.

  • Unique Software Degree Program Restarted

    A unique university program of education in software and systems design has been restarted at New Mexico Highlands University. The program is based on experiential learning, features apprenticeships, and uses a radically restructured and accelerated curriculum. The program goal: "to produce a community of professionals capable of solving complex, "wicked," problems with computing technology.

  • Using WPF to Support 25 Simultaneous Mice on a Single Computer

    Microsoft has recently released a new version of their MultiPoint Mouse SDK. This technology is designed to allow up to 25 users to simultaneously interact with a single PC each using their own mouse. The stated goal of this technology is to support educational environments and full-class participation.