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  • Understanding Email Threats with Cloudflare Radar

    Cloudflare recently announced the launch of a new Email Security section on Cloudflare Radar. This section will provide insights into the current state of email security. The new metrics offer real-time visibility into email-borne threats, allowing organizations to correlate trends within their environment with broader security observations from Cloudflare.

  • Contentsquare Uses Microservices and Apache Kafka for Notification Delivery

    Contentsquare needed notification functionality for many use cases within its platform. The company created a generic solution spanning multiple services as part of its microservice architecture. During the implementation, the developers had to improve observability and overcome some scalability challenges.

  • How SendGrid Scales Its Email Delivery Systems

    SendGrid, a cloud based email service, has seen its backend architecture evolve from a small Postfix installation to a system hosted on their own data-centers as well as on the public cloud. Rewriting of services in Go, a gradual move to AWS, and a distributed Ceph-based queue allows the team to hand over 40 billion emails per month.

  • MimeKit and MailKit, Featuring Support for International Email

    After a year of working on MimeKit and MailKit, Jeffrey Stedfast has completed what are probably the most comprehensive MIME and email libraries for .NET. These libraries support SMTP, POP3, and IMAP, including dozens of IMAP4 extensions. Also included is support for the new International Emails standards, a first for the .NET platform.