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  • Article: Book Excerpt and Review: OSWorkflow

    OSWorkflow by Diego Adrian Naya Lazo discusses the open-source OSWorkflow, a Java-based workflow engine. As described on the official website, "This book covers all aspects related to OSWorkflow. No prior knowledge about OSWorkflow is needed". The book's publisher, Packt Publishing, also provided InfoQ with an excerpt from Chapter 4 of the book, entitled "Using OSWorkflow in your Application".

  • Catching up with Esper: Event Stream Processing Framework

    Esper is an event stream processing (ESP) and event correlation engine (CEP) that triggers actions when event conditions occurs among event streams - which can be thought of as a database turned upside down where statements are registered and data streams flow through. InfoQ caught up with Esper founders on recent project status, including BEA's use of Esper, and recent benchmarks.

  • Building Complex Event Processing applications in Java with WebLogic Event Server

    A look at how BEA's WebLogic Event Server simplifies building Complex Event Processing applications.

  • BEA announces Real Time 2.0, WebLogic Event Server

    BEA recently announced WebLogic Event Server, a Java application server designed for event-driven applications and WebLogic Real Time 2.0 a new release of BEA's real-time technology.

  • Exploring Event Driven Architectures with Esper

    At Java One Thomas Bernhardt and Alexandre Vasseur explained the concepts of event driven application servers and the Esper project. Event driven application servers are a new category of servers, proving a runtime and supporting infrastructure services (transport, security, event journaling, high availability, connectors, etc.) to servers designed to be able to process over 100,000 events/sec.

  • Esper: High Volume Event Stream Processing and Correlation in Java

    Esper is an event stream processing (ESP) and event correlation engine (CEP) unveiled this week with a 1.0 launch on Codehaus. Esper is a real time engine that triggers actions when pojo event conditions occurs among event streams. It is designed for high volume event correlation where millions of events coming in would make it impossible to use a classical RDBMS approach.