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  • Unraveling Techno-Solutionism: How I Fell out of Love with “Ethical” Machine Learning

    At the recent QCon San Francisco conference, Katherine Jarmul gave a talk on unravelling techno-solutionism, in which she explored the inherent bias in AI training datasets, the bias that assumes there will be a technical solution to almost any problem and that those technical solutions will be beneficial for mankind. She posed questions for technologists to consider when building products.

  • Microsoft Limits Public Access to AI-Powered Facial Analysis Features

    Microsoft recently announced phasing out public access to AI-powered Facial Analysis features in several Azure services.

  • Draft Published of the Code of Ethical Conduct for Agile Coaching

    The Agile Coaching Ethics Initiative has published a draft code of ethics that aims to raise the standards around agile coaching. It runs under the auspices of the Agile Alliance to independently represent the wider agile community.

  • QCon Plus: Summary of the Inclusion & Diversity in Tech Track

    QCon Plus is running over three weeks in November. One of the tracks on the first day focused on Inclusion and Diversity in Tech. The track was designed to to change perceptions about DEI and advance the conversation. Three talks provided the audience with concrete tools, difficult questions and invited them to deep self exploration.

  • The Traits of an Agile Nation

    Dr Rashina Hoda gave a TEDx talk in which she reflected on New Zealand’s response to the terror attacks of March 15, 2019. She described how the response showed the traits of an agile society, and presented a view of the agile manifesto values as an inspiration for societal change towards humanism and collaboration.

  • The Ethical Role Testers Can Have

    Testers should step up outside of only doing quality level verification and be the ambassadors of ethical change, said Michal Buczko at TestCon Europe 2019. Ethics and integrity are becoming more and more important. Ensuring that employees understand appropriate ways to address daily ethical issues can have a major impact on your project outcome and your relationship with customers.

  • What Tech for Good is and Why it Matters

    Tech for Good groups provide opportunities to connect with people who share a positive vision of the future and look for ways to use technology in order to have a positive impact. Ellen Ward spoke about Tech for Good Dublin at Women in Tech Dublin 2019; she presented what Tech for Good looks like in reality, why it matters, and how people can get involved.

  • Highlights from JAFAC 2019 - Day 1: Leadership, Disruption, Ethics, and Social Good

    JAFAC (Just Another F&#k!ng Agile Conference) 2019 was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 5 and 6 September, 2019. The conference brings different voices to the fore, avoiding the usual suspects, and also highlighting ways that agile ideas are being applied in a wide variety of contexts. Important themes that emerged were leadership, disruption, ethics and the application of tech for social good

  • UX Design Ethics: Dealing with Dark Patterns and Designer Bias

    It’s easy to design an interface that persuades users into something that’s in the interest of a company. The question design community needs to ask more often is if we should comply with such practices, argued Agnieszka Urbańska and Ewelina Skłodowska, UX designers, at ACE! 2019. Dark patterns and even unconscious designer’s bias contradict empathy and are incompatible with human-centered design.

  • Salesforce Adds Intelligence to its Einstein Services Offering

    In a recent press release, Salesforce announced additions to their Einstein platform that target bringing AI solutions to Salesforce developers and admins using a low code, point and click configuration-based solution. The recent additions to the platform include Einstein Translation and Einstein Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  • Applying Artificial Intelligence in the Agile World

    The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) systems with the agile world is having a disruptive effect on how we build software and the types of products that we build, said Aidan Casey. By combining machine learning and deep learning we can build applications that truly learn like humans. AI bias is a very serious concern, as AI systems are only as good as the data sets used to train them.

  • Tech Ethics and Professionalism

    Anne Currie, strategist at Container Solutions and co-founder of the Sustainable Servers campaign, is giving a talk titled "Are Tech Ethics Unprofessional?" at the upcoming conference. She spoke to InfoQ about her talk and why ethics has become such an important topic in recent times.

  • Author, Teacher, and Consultant Jerry Weinberg Passed Away

    Gerald M. “Jerry” Weinberg, author, teacher, and consultant, passed away August 7, 2018, at the age of 84. Weinberg published about 100 books on computer programming, systems thinking, leadership, change, consulting, and writing.

  • CEO Satya Nadella Gives the First Day Keynote at Microsoft Build 2018

    Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, delivered the first day keynote at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle today. The first part of the keynote was about the opportunities and responsibilities facing Microsoft and the technology community today. The second part presented the focus of the conference: the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge, specifically Azure and Microsoft 365.

  • Ethics, Values and Practices for Software Professionals

    Christiaan Verwijs has recently written about the need for a Hippocratic oath for software practitioners. Robert C. Martin and other commentators have made similar calls in recent months. We examine news in this space and the principles which support a professional practice of software development.