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  • AxonDB, a New Implementation of an Event Store

    AxonDB is a new data storage purpose-built for event sourcing with support for transactions and pushed-based event publishing that recently was released by AxonIQ, the company behind the Axon Framework. To make sure performance is constant, the architecture is specifically targeting reading data — according to AxonIQ the performance is stable even with huge amounts of events stored.

  • Jonas Bonér on How Events Are Reshaping Modern Systems

    Jonas Bonér talked about event driven services and how event driven architectures (EDA) and event stream processing (ESP) technologies are helping with designing the modern applications based on distributed systems. He spoke at the recent Reactive Summit 2017 Conference.

  • Designing Event Sourced Microservices

    Event sourced microservices is an area that hasn’t been explored nearly as much as it should be, Greg Young claimed at the recent Microservices Conference µCon London 2017, but he also strongly emphasized that you should not event source all your microservices. Instead, he recommends looking at individual services and applying the event sourcing pattern to services that actually benefit from it.

  • Versioning of Events in Event Sourced Systems

    A challenge with event sourced systems is that events put in the event store years ago must be readable today, even though the software has gone through numerous changes, Greg Young stated in his presentation at this year’s DDD eXchange conference. If a system can be taken down, versioning of events is relatively simple. The real challenge comes when a system can’t be taken down.

  • The Basics of Event Sourcing and Some CQRS

    State transitions are an important part of our problem space and should be modelled within our domain, Greg Young states in a recent presentation focusing on basic event sourcing and how CQRS fits in.

  • Greg Young on Using Complex Event Processing

    Complex Event Processing, CEP, can be very useful for problems that have to do with time e.g. querying over historical data when you want to correlate things that have happened at different times, Greg Young explained in a recent presentation.

  • Event Store 2.0 Released with Security Support and the Projections Library in Beta

    Version 2.0 of the Event Store, (an Event Source based persistence engine), was released last week with support for security, allowing for lock down of the Event Store and setting up Access Control Lists on event streams. The Projections library is now in beta and more documentation has been added.

  • Greg Young on using Event Store as a Read Model

    Greg Young, the lead architect behind the Event Store, recently talked about the Projections Library in the Event Store and how it can be used as a Read Model. In his presentation Greg explained what the Projections Library is, together with its main use cases. He also presented a number of examples of practical use.