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  • Correctness vs Change: Which Matters More?

    In ongoing software development, our core work is changing code. Jessica Kerr argues that by building changeable software on top of existing, well-understood components, and by improving delivery automations, teams will get better at their core work of delivering value and "changing reality".

  • Book Review: "Nagios: Building Enterprise-Grade Monitoring Infrastructures for Systems & Networks"

    David Josephsen recently published this book which contains best practices for building monitoring infrastructure, lessons in operational theory focused on the usage of Nagios, and practical guidance for implementing Nagios. David wrote the book in a way primarily useful for system engineers and enterprise architects, though it has information relevant to most roles in technology.

  • Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2010

    In this article Yiyi Sun, creator of the Git Source Control Provider for Visual Studio, introduces developers to creating extensions for Visual Studio 2010. Also included is information on publishing an extension via Microsoft’s Visual Studio Gallery.