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  • STIQ Simplifies Story Tests for Web Apps

    SolutionsIQ launched their latest product this week at Agile2006. A mashup of the popular open-source acceptance test tools FitNesse and Selenium, STIQ is used for writing acceptance tests while developing web applications. It features a simple command language, wiki-based editing and pluggable features.

  • Getting Agile with Eclipse Continuous Integration

    The Eclipse "Callisto" release includes agility-enhancing features, including a new version of the testing tools developed in the "TPTP" project. In their online presentation, project committers Scott E. Schneider and Joe Toomey say that by using TPTP in the Continuous Integration cycle developers gain more powerful test types, better/more extensible reporting, and easy platform coverage.

  • FIT Acceptance Testing Primer

    Do you think automated user acceptance testing is a cool idea, but impossible or not worth doing? Have you been bogged down by the traditional record/script/replay approaches and unable to automate until the code is complete? This article will show you how the Framework for Integrated Test (Fit) makes it easy to overcome these challenges and practice test-first design from the user perspective.