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InfoQ Homepage News STIQ Simplifies Story Tests for Web Apps

STIQ Simplifies Story Tests for Web Apps

In an effort to increase collaboration, quality and customer satisfaction, SolutionsIQ has introduced StoryTestIQ (STIQ) at Agile 2006 in Minneapolis. 

STIQ is a tool for creating Acceptance Tests or “Story Tests”, and combines open source browser-based testing, a simple command language, wiki-based editing and pluggable features.  The tool is used for writing acceptance tests while developing web applications. STIQ is a combination of FitNesse and Selenium, popular open-source acceptance test tools.

Solutions IQ, a leading provider of comprehensive Information Technology Services, is excited to contribute this new tool "to help not only our own customers but to support and advance the larger Agile community,” said Evan Campbell, Chief Technology Officer for SolutionsIQ.  “We think STIQ takes acceptance testing to the next level by making it easier to write and organize powerful acceptance tests.”

STIQ features:
  • Customer-friendly, executable specifications
  • Facilitates increased collaboration between customers and teams
  • Provides a clear and thorough definition of ‘done’

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