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  • Content Discovery at Scale with Hexagons and Elasticsearch at DoorDash

    DoorDash recently published an article on how it is solving scaling challenges with content discovery using Elasticsearch and H3, a geospatial indexing system that partitions the world into hexagonal cells.

  • Amazon Location Service Generally Available with Routing and Satellite Imagery

    AWS has recently announced the general availability of Amazon Location Service, a managed solution designed to add location functionalities to applications. The service relies on location providers like Esri and HERE and now supports routing and satellite imagery capabilities.

  • AWS Introduces Location Service in Preview

    In one of the latest announcements of re:Invent 2020, AWS introduced the preview of Amazon Location, a new mapping service for developers to add location-based features like geofencing and built-in tracking to web-based and mobile applications.

  • Google Brings Places API Natively to Android and iOS

    So far, Places API has been available as a web service, but now it has been integrated in the recently released Android Play Services 7.0, and a beta program has been started to bring it natively to iOS. On Android, this new API can be used on all OS versions starting with Gingerbread. There are not many details yet on how it will work on iOS.

  • Uber Unveils its Realtime Market Platform

    Matt Ranney, Chief Systems Architect at Uber, gave an overview of their dispatch system, responsible for matching Uber's drivers and riders. Ranney explained the driving forces that led to a rewrite of this system. He described the architectural principles that underpin it, several of the algorithms implemented and why Uber decided to design and implement their own RPC protocol.

  • Twenty Five Years of GPS

    The GPS constellation in use today was launched twenty five years ago, and is still going strong. Today, GPS receivers can be found in most smart phones as well as commercial airliners and supertankers. InfoQ looks back at how the GPS came to be, and how locations are being used today with HTML5 and geo location services.

  • Joy of StackMob

    In the beginning of MBaaS, there was StackMob. Since then the mobile ecosystem has become flooded with competitors in this new approach to app dynamics. InfoQ takes a closer look at the Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) provider StackMob and its privacy practices.

  • Zend Developer Pulse 2013 Survey Emphasises on HTML5, Geolocation and Amazon Web Services

    Zend, the company which builds PHP platform has released the results of its annual Developer Pulse 2013 survey and it indicates the growth of HTML5, native apps, Objective C, Java, Geo-location support, Amazon Web Services including general work habits of developers.

  • LocationTech: An Initiative Helping Enterprises Build Location Aware Systems

    The Eclipse Foundation has announced LocationTech - a new initiative meant to help enterprises build location aware systems.