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  • Google Donates Trademarks to New Foundation

    On Wednesday, Google created a new Open Usage Commons Foundation for the purpose of hosting trademarks relating to open source projects under its control; Istio, Angular and Gerrit trademarks were moved over. Not everyone approves of this move, and the benefits are questionable. InfoQ looks behind the story to find out what it means for developers everywhere.

  • Go Language Now Accepts Patches via GitHub Pull Requests

    Google has started mirroring GitHub PRs for Go into Gerrit, Go’s upstream Git server, thus making it easier for developers to contribute to Go development.

  • Use the Force, Luca - Jenkins Developer Wipes out a Month of Commits on GitHub

    Yesterday, a developer on the Jenkins project accidentally triggered a force push on the GitHub repositories that store the Git repositories for the Jenkins codebase, wiping out several months of commits. InfoQ looks at what happened and what needs to prevent this re-occuring in the future.

  • Why Gerrit chose Buck

    Six months ago, the Gerrit project started moving towards a Buck-based build system from the existing Maven build. With the 2.8 stream, Buck has become the default build. At EclipseCon, Shawn Pearce explained why the switch makes sense, and a little bit more about the build system itself. Read on to find out more about Buck and its advantages over Maven.

  • Gerrit at the Eclipse Foundation

    The Eclipse Foundation has made Gerrit available for projects using the Git version control system at This allows patches to be sent directly in the form of commits which can be applied to a Git repository, although the Eclipse IP Process needs to be updated to make it widely useful. Read on to find out what this means for Eclipse projects.