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  • Google Releases Enterprise Database Options, Targets SQL Server Customers

    In a recent blog post, Google announced enhancements to their existing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) database investments, including Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server in alpha, Federated queries from BigQuery to Cloud SQL and Elastic Cloud on GCP being available in Japan and soon to be released in Sydney, Australia.

  • Google BigQuery Adds New Public Datasets

    Stack Overflow recently announced making its dataset available through Google’s BigQuery. Using regular SQL statements, developers can query the full set of Stack Overflow data including posts, votes, tags, and badges. In this article we explore datasets that are available through Google's BigQuery platform.

  • Spotify Moves Infrastructure and Data Services to Google Cloud Platform

    On February 23rd, 2016 Spotify announced it is moving its technical infrastructure and data services from its existing owned and leased data centers to Google Cloud Platform.

  • Google Launches Cloud Datalab Beta

    At the recent Google Cloud Platform Next experience event in Paris, Google announced a beta data visualization service called Cloud Datalab. Cloud Datalab allows developers to explore and analyze their data through an interactive web-browser experience.

  • VMware Will Offer Google Cloud Services and Rackspace Offers vCloud

    Cloud vendors are combining their strengths to provide extra services for their customers. The latest developments include VMware offering Google BigQuery and Rackspace building private dedicate vCloud’s.

  • Apache Drill Included in MapR Latest Distribution Release

    MapR recently announced including Apache Drill in its latest release of MapR distribution. Apache Drill is the open source version of Google’s Dremel. Dremel is the infrastructure on which BigQuery is based upon. Drill is offering a low latency SQL-on-Hadoop interface. While this puts it in the same space as several other technologies around Hadoop, Drill has some unique characteristics setting it

  • Google's BigQuery Gaining Momentum

    BigQuery, a SaaS query offering by Google, seems to gain more and more momentum. It allows to query large-scale columnar data structures using a SQL-like query language, in the cloud and provides integration with other Google services such as Google Analytics and Google Apps Script.

  • Big Data In The Cloud

    Big Data services available from cloud computing vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google are uncovering interesting trends and opportunities.


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