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    The Promise of Healthcare Analytics

    by Seth Earley Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 21, 2015

    Data analytics play a central role in the healthcare system by improving outcomes and quality of life while helping to control costs. In this article, author describes the role analytics can play with the emerging wearable technologies with biophysical interfaces, physiological sensors, and embedded diagnostic tools.

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    Kanban at Scale – A Siemens Success Story

    by Bennet Vallet Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 28, 2014 16

    This article shows an internally driven and remarkably smooth Kanban implementation approach which very quickly rewarded Siemens Health Services (HS) with real and sustainable improvements in predictability, efficiency and quality. It demonstrates the benefits of “flow” and its advantages in terms of actionable metrics and forecasting capabilities based on real data captured from recent releases.

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    Healthy Architectures - Using CQRS and Event Sourcing for Electronic Medical Records

    by Arunava Chatterjee Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 12, 2012 1

    The health care industry has been migrating to electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR) for some time. Hopwever, problems such as performance and scalability, along with maintaining traceability and reconstructing healthcare related business events need to be addressed. The article introduces the use of techniques and patterns for providing these quality attributes.


Improving Performance of Healthcare Systems with Service Oriented Architecture

Posted by Girish Juneja Follow 0 Followers , Steve Birkel Follow 0 Followers , Joe Natoli Follow 0 Followers , Blake Dournaee Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 07, 2008

This article, based on a chapter from the book "Service Oriented Architecture Demystified", discusses the benefits of applying SOA to heterogenous environments in the healthcare domain. 1