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  • Public Beta of Play! is Now Available on Heroku

    Play!, a Java Web Framework is now available on Heroku as a public beta. Play! is built on Netty and is well suited for handling asynchronous I/Os. It is based on a "share-nothing" stateless programming model.

  • Ephemeralization or Heroku's Evolution to a Polyglot Cloud OS

    Heroku recently announced its new Cedar stack and the addition of Node.js and Clojure as new deployment languages. InfoQ spoke with Heroku Co-Founder Adam Wiggins about this recent development, underlying principles and future plans. He compares a PAAS to an Operating System for the Cloud built atop of the combination of powerful, existing tools.

  • Engine Yard's PaaS AppCloud Offers First 500 Hours Free

    New customers trying Engine Yard's Ruby cloud platform AppCloud get the first 500 hours for free. These trial accounts come with a default Ruby configuration and run on 2 virtual cores with 1.7GB of memory. After the 500 hours the account can be upgraded to a paying account or simply expire at no cost.

  • Four NoSQL Add-ons available for Heroku Users

    The first four NoSQL datastores are available as Add-ons for the Heroku PaaS (platform-as-a-service) platform. Using the Add-on system that was introduced in October 2009, CouchDB from Cloudant, Membase from NorthScale, MongoDB from MongoHQ and Redis were made available for Heroku users.