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  • How to Best Use MTT* Metrics to Optimize Your Incident Response

    Selecting the correct MTT* metric to improve your incident response is important. If the wrong metric is chosen, the improvements may get lost in the noise of a multivariable equation. This article reviews the various MTT* metrics available and discusses the best scenarios for selecting each one.

  • Interview and Book Excerpt: CMMI for Services

    CMMI for Services(CMMI-SVC)is a process improvement framework developed by the SEI for service providers. InfoQ spoke to Eileen Forrester, co-author of CMMI for Services: Guidelines for Superior Service and manager of CMMI-SVC. In this interview we cover adoption practices for CMMI-SVC and its relationship with CMMI-DEV, ITIL and Agile accompanied by relevant excerpts from the book.

  • Using ITIL V3 as a Foundation for SOA Governance

    Those familiar with only ITIL V2 often scoff at the thought that ITIL could serve as a governance framework for SOA. Based on their perspective, they would be correct since V2 focused more heavily on operational processes rather than service lifecycle. With ITIL V3, the focus of the framework shifted toward what can only be accurately described as service-orientation.