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  • Can MTTR Be an Effective Business Metric?

    In a recent blog post, Sidu Ponnappa shared how MTTR should be a key business metric to measure engineering efficiency. Ponnappa notes that only tracking uptime provides no goals to target for improvements. In a recent talk at SREcon22, Courtney Nash, senior research analyst at Verica, shared that MTTR can misrepresent what is actually happening during incidents and can be an unreliable metric.

  • Lightstep Adds Incident Response to Their Observability Platform

    Lightstep has announced the addition of incident response management to their observability platform. The general availability of Lightstep Incident Response provides integrations with common collaboration tools, rotation scheduling, escalation policies, APIs, and a CLI.

  • Grafana Cloud Adds Incident and On-Call Management Solutions

    Grafana has announced the addition of incident management and on-call support to their Grafana Cloud offering. Grafana Incident, currently in preview, generates meeting spaces, integrates with Slack, and constructs incident timelines with information pulled from Grafana dashboards. Grafana OnCall provides on-call rotation scheduling and notification from connected monitoring systems.

  • IT Operations Is the Most Predictable DevOps Differentiator Says Damon Edwards at DOES18 London

    InfoQ spoke to Damon Edwards, co-founder and chief product officer, at Rundeck at DevOps Enterprise Summit London about his talk ‘Operations - The Last Mile Problem for DevOps in the Enterprise’ and the sneak preview of the new version of RunDeck, V3.0.

  • Hiscox CTO Emphasises DevOps Is about Survival

    Hiscox's CTO talks about cloud strategy, DevOps and getting ops on board these changes.

  • DevOps Days Kiel Day 1

    Summary of DevOps Days Kiel day 1 talks.

  • ITIL vs. DevOps: Different Viewpoints

    The discussion on ITIL vs. DevOps is a common one. There are different views: ITIL and DevOps have different mindsets; ITIL and DevOps are compatible; they are different but both have their place in the IT department. Charles Betz, member of the Open Group IT4IT Forum, argues that their principles are at odds. ITIL is trapped in a phased workflow mindset. DevOps embraces lean product management.

  • ING Netherlands' Measured Improvements on Transition to DevOps

    Jan-Joost Bouwman and Mark Heistek, from ING Retail Banking Netherlands, presented at Devopsdays Amsterdam how a CMMI-ITIL organization transitioned to a more agile mindset. Somewhat unusually in this kind of sessions, ING presented quantitative evidence of the improvements, such as a marked increase in the number of changes deployed to production and a decrease of the risk value per change.

  • Integrate DevOps and ITIL Intelligently

    Alan Sharp-Paul, co-founder of ScriptRock, recently highlighted the need to intelligently integrate DevOps and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) within enterprises. He argues that forcing in DevOps where ITIL reigns is a risky proposition. The role of ITIL and its co-existence with DevOps has been commented on by Patrick Debois and other authors.