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  • Cloudflare Servers Share IP Addresses for Egress Traffic

    Cloudflare recently detailed how it manages its servers' egress traffic using "soft-unicast ". Soft-unicast allows multiple servers to share a single IPv4 address for their egress traffic while redirecting the response packets to the correct physical server. It provides a scalable, cost-efficient solution for Cloudflare to offer various products that require tagged egress IP addresses.

  • Q&A with Matt Klein on Creating Envoy at Lyft

    At the upcoming Practitioners Summit on Jan 31, Matt Klein, a senior software engineer at Lyft, will be presenting his work on Envoy, a Layer 7 communications bus used throughout Lyft’s service-oriented architecture. InfoQ met with Klein to discuss the benefits of creating a custom tool for Lyft’s networking needs, and how it could benefit other microservices architectures.

  • What is an Architect anyway?

    An MSDN Blogger poses some pretty broad questions, including: What exactly is software architecture? Do we really need it? Why have we only recently been discussing it? He then attempts to tackle some of these questions by taking us through a short history of the role of the Architect.