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  • 10 Years Editorial Overview

    InfoQ has reached an important milestone this month: we have been creating and sharing content with you for 10 years now. All along the way we remained true to our initial mission: to deliver content that can effect change and innovation in the software-development community. We rely on a team of domain practitioners who have been covering the most important and innovative topics in the industry.

  • Making Technical Community More Active - 2011 Year-End Review of Baidu Technical Salon

    Baidu Technical Salon is a regular offline communication activity hosted by Baidu, planned, executed and implemented by InfoQ. The topics included cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data, log analysis and other current popular topics. This article mainly reviews Baidu’s support for technical community via Technical Salon, community’s feedbacks on these activities as well as a brief plan in 2012

  • Upgrading's Database: Mostly Smooth, A Couple of Bumps

    Recently, upgraded the backend database that we've used since launch. However, everything did not go according to plan, and even though the vast majority of the migration was smooth we encountered some unexpected issues along the way (which have now been resolved). This post will discuss what our plan was, what worked and what didn't, and how we detected and recovered from the errors.

  • InfoQ Feature Set: What Do You Want To See?

    What’s next for InfoQ? What are some of the areas we should be focusing on feature wise? We'd like to ask you where you’d like the site to go from a feature-set perspective. InfoQ is still lagging behind many of the world-class media sites out there. We may not be the New York Times, but with your help we'll have the will and the way to get there!

  • A New Addition to the InfoQ Family: The Operations Community

    A 7th community has now joined the current 6 on InfoQ. When one looks at our existing queues, one sees a definitive pattern - we currently focus upon application development and architecture (.NET, Ruby, Java, SOA, Architecture) and also Agile techniques, primarily in the context of application development. However, what happens to that software once it's been developed?

  • InfoQ User Survey Results

    Back in January, InfoQ published a User Survey and asked for people to take a few minutes and fill it out. Our reasoning for doing so was pretty straightforward - we wanted to know how we could improve the InfoQ experience for you, the user. We were pleasantly surprised that within a few days of posting the survey we had received several thousand replies - these are the results of that survey.