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  • Memcached surpasses EhCache and Coherence in Java Job Demand

    Around January 2011, Memcached became the number one caching solution based on Java developer job demand. Memcached expanded beyond its LAMP roots. InfoQ caught up with Dustin Sallings, the implementer of Spymemcached the leading Java Memcached client, to get his perspective on the rise of Memcached in the Java world.

  • Infinispan Interview

    In this virtual interview we talk with Manik Surtani, the project lead for the JBoss Infinispan project, which is the latest offering to enter the open source data grid space. Manik covers Infinispan, how it relates to JBoss Cache and other alternatives, as well as where the project is going.

  • JGroups Implementation of Memcached Supports Failover and JMX

    Memcached is a distributed memory object caching system used in dynamic web applications to alleviate database load. Bela Ban at JBoss recently wrote a JGroups-based implementation of memcached which allows Java clients to access it directly. The new implementation also provides few advantages over memcached such as failover and monitoring.

  • Hibernate 3.3: Redesigned, Modular JARs and a Refactored Caching System

    Hibernate, a Java-based Object/Relational (O/R) mapping framework, released version 3.3 today. InfoQ spoke with project lead Steve Ebersole to learn more about this release and what new capabilities it adds to Hibernate.

  • JBoss Cache 1.4 Released; Adds Buddy Replication

    JBoss has released JBoss Cache 1.4 final, their distributed caching product which also includes PojoCache (formely TreeCacheAOP). The release adds Buddy Replication and Data Gravitation features and also optimizes their RPC marshalling algorithm resulting in 20-50% improved performance and throughpout.