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  • EqualsVerifier Delivers Improved Support for JPA Entities

    The EqualsVerifier library may be used in Java unit tests to automatically verify equals() implementations inside a project and provides one hundred percent code coverage on equals() and hashCode() methods. Recent releases improved support for JPA, by requiring the use of getters instead of using fields, and solving several related bugs.

  • Apache OpenWebBeans Releases Meecrowave Server Version 1.0 for Java EE-Based Microservices

    Apache OpenWebBeans recently released version 1.0.0 of their Meecrowave project, a microservices server built on top of existing Apache projects utilizing servlets, CDI, JSON-P and JSON-B, and JAX-RS. Meecrowave may be used for microservices and standalone applications.

  • Simplifying Database Queries with Jinq

    Jinq, a library to provide a DSL for database queries, has been made available for Java and Scala. The work is inspired by .NET's LINQ, and aims at enabling easy-to-write queries with support for type safety. As commented by Ming-Yee Iu, creator of the tool, work on Jinq started in 2006 under project name Queryll; however, the adoption of lambdas in Java 8 is what has realised its full potential.

  • JBoss Releases Hibernate 4.0

    JBoss Releases Hibernate 4.0 which comes with Multi-tenancy support, the introduction of a standard mechanism for writing Hibernate extensions, initial refactorings towards OSGI and several other cleanups.

  • A New Enterprise Platform for Flex/Java EE Applications

    Granite Data Services released last week its Enterprise Platform for building Flex/Java EE Applications. Granite DS is an open source framework. InfoQ spoke with Frank Wolff, CEO and Co-Founder of Granite DS, about his perspectives on Rich Internet Applications.

  • Hibernate Object Mapping for NoSQL Datastores

    Emmanuel Bernard, the developer behind Hibernate Validator, Hibernate Search, among others, recently announced the birth of Hibernate OGM. The new framework's goal is to provide a common interface for NoSQL datastores using JPA constructs. InfoQ spoke to Bernard to find out more about the framework.

  • Oracle's Java EE 7 Plans Include Adding Cloud and HTML5 Support to the Platform

    Oracle filed the umbrella JSR for Java EE 7 last week, and the specification has now passed the initial review ballot stage. The overarching themes are emerging web technologies, cloud computing, and continued ease of use improvements including an overhaul to the JMS API. Elsewhere, JPA is scheduled to receive attention, and Oracle is talking about plans to revive the long dormant JCACHE JSR.

  • Eclipse Virgo Released

    The inaugural version of Eclipse Virgo was released today, including the Eclipse Gemini Web component. Despite these being the first release under the Eclipse moniker, they are the natural evolution of the well-regarded Spring DM Server. Read on to find out what's important about this release.

  • WebSphere 7 Feature Pack Supports OSGi-based Application Deployment and SCA Integration

    WebSphere Application Server V7 Feature Pack for OSGi Applications and Java Persistence API 2.0 offers a standards-based implementation of OSGi Blueprint Container specification and JPA 2.0. It also provides an optional feature to deploy and manage applications as versioned OSGi bundles. IBM recently announced the GA release of the feature pack which is based on Apache projects Aries and OpenJPA.

  • OSGi DevCon London

    Last week saw the first OSGi DevCon London, held in conjunction with JAX London in Hammersmith's Novotel. Topics included features from the upcoming OSGi Enterprise Expert Group publication, using and testing OSGi in the cloud, accessing objects through JPA on an OSGi system and how modularity can defeat complexity brought on by exponential software growth.

  • Spring 3.0: Java 5 Required, Adds New Expression Language and REST Support

    A new version of the Spring Framework, version 3.0, was released today. InfoQ spoke with Juergen Hoeller, technical lead of the Spring Framework project, to learn more about this release and the changes that it brings to the Spring portfolio.

  • Java Persistence 2.0 Proposed Final Draft

    The Java Persistence API version 2.0 has reached the proposed final draft stage. It adds a typesafe API for criteria queries with a corresponding metamodel API, and support for Bean validation.

  • Two Type-Safe Criteria API Proposals for JPA 2.0

    One of the most significant new features in the forthcoming Java Persistence API 2.0 specification is a type-safe criteria-based query API. There are two alternative proposals under consideration by the JSR-317 Expert Group and the group is seeking feedback from the wider development community.

  • DataNucleus Access Platform 1.0 (final) released

    DataNucleus, the successor to the Java Persistence Platform JPOX, has released DataNucleus Access Platform 1.0.0 which provides access to a range of datastores for Java applications using JDO/JPA API's.

  • Pratik Patel on Enterprise JPA, Fetch Groups and Spring 2.5

    JPA extension features like Fetch Groups offered by Apache OpenJPA framework can give enterprise Java developers more flexibility in designing JPA applications. Pratik Patel discussed JPA design techniques for developing real-world Java applications using JPA API and Spring 2.5 framework. He did a presentation at the recent Central Ohio Software Symposium on Enterprise JPA.