Book Excerpt: How to Improve your Continuous Testing

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Jul 30, 2007

Continuous Integration has become a standard development best practice - but it's not always done well. Tests take up much of an application's build time, and poorly constructed test suites can cause long builds, whereupon teams start to circumvent agreed-upon CI practices just get the time to code. InfoQ presents advice and examples in Chapter 6: Continuous Testing from a new CI book.

JUnit 4.4 Released

by Ben Hughes on  Jul 20, 2007 4

The release of JUnit 4.4 sees the inclusion of the assertThat method, offering easier reading and new flexibility to the JUnit library.

Article: Unit-Testing XML

by Stefan Tilkov on  Jun 11, 2007 8

In this exclusive InfoQ article, Stefan Bodewig explains how to use the XMLUnit Java framework to write tests in the presence of XML.

Unit Testing Tips from Google

by Kurt Christensen on  Apr 27, 2007

The QA engineers at Google share their unit testing advice in an ongoing series titled "Testing on the Toilet." The latest installment tackles a common problem: how can the unit tests themselves be refactored without accidentally invalidating the tests?

Understanding Legacy Code with Characterization Testing

by Kurt Christensen on  Mar 31, 2007 2

Alberto Savoia has written a series of four articles describing "characterization testing" - the process of writing unit tests to understand and work with legacy code.

Gauntlet: Borland's Continous Integration server with defect isolation and trending

by Floyd Marinescu on  Oct 31, 2006

Borland in early October released a beta of Gauntlet continous integration server. Like any continous integration server, Gauntlet automates build and testing but also provides change sandboxing, reporting and trending, failure correlation, replay alongside existing repositories, and easy access to build, test, and run previous project versions.

TestNG concluded more suitable for large-scale testing than JUnit 4

by Floyd Marinescu on  Sep 05, 2006

Andrew Glover has compared TestNG and JUnit 4, taking a look at some features that TestNG has over JUnit 4. Andrew quickly takes the position that TestNG is better for large scale testing, despite JUnit 4's recent addition of annotations and "dramatically relaxed structural rules for test case authoring."

TestNG 5.0 Released

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jul 20, 2006 5

Cedric Beust has announced the launch of TestNG, the popular Testing framework and alternative to JUnit. Alexandru Popescu (TestNG co-founder) is also InfoQ's Chief Architect. TestNG 5 improves configuration, reporting, ease of use, and bug reporting.