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TestNG 6 adds Guice and YAML

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Cédric Beust announced TestNG 6.0, including improvements to the Eclipse TestNG plug-in.

Two key features added with this release include the ability to specify test suite in YAML as well as XML. JSON was considered but YAML won out on not having to specify "" for string values and to be aimed for human, rather than computer, consumption. Both formats are more suitable for copy/paste lines, which don't involve specifying opening/closing tags, or commenting without having to use XML's <!-- and --> delimiters.

The other key addition is that of Guice, which performs instance injection. Guice is a cut-down dependency injection framework, which supports the JSR-330 @Inject for configuring instances to be supplied at run-time. More information is available in the documentation.

To make it easy wanting to upgrade from JUnit 3.x and 4.x, the Eclipse plug-in provides a way of converting from JUnit tests to TestNG tests. In addition, the Eclipse plug-in also facilitates converting from the XML format to the newer YAML format. The Eclipse plug-in can be updated using the update site and doing “check for updates”.

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  • The Eclipse plug-in is greatly improved!

    by chen chuan,

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    Much more convenience to use than older versions.

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