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  • GraalVM 22.0 Released with Native Image Improvements

    GraalVM, a polyglot virtual machine that provides a shared runtime to execute applications written in multiple languages, has released version 22.0 with many native image improvements. The native image builder utility comes with significant improvements to speed up build times, reduce image sizes, utilize less memory to build & run images, and provide deep insights into image generation process.

  • End of Year Learnings from Minecraft’s Migration to JDK 16 and Q&A with the Mojang Team

    In an effort to obtain a smoother transition towards JDK 17, Minecraft decided to upgrade to JDK 16 first just months before Java's LTS release in September 2021. The changes point towards possible performance gains just by running JDK 17 out-of-the-box. InfoQ reached out to the Mojang team with further questions on their experience running JDK 16 in production.

  • Red Hat Releases Language Support for Java Plugin 1.0 for VSCode

    Red Hat has released version 1.0 of Language support for Java on VSCode that supports Java 17, displaying type hierarchies and improved performance. The source lookup feature has been improved and now supports unmanaged projects and is able to display sources of any library available on Maven central. This release also contains new code actions and support for Gradle files written in Kotlin.

  • Is Java 17 a Glass Half Full?

    Java 17 has entered feature freeze and will be released on September 14th.