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Microsoft Is Contributing 20,000 Lines of Code to the Linux Kernel

by Abel Avram on  Jul 22, 2009

Microsoft is contributing 3 Linux device drivers, 20,000 lines of code, to the Linux kernel 2.6.32 under GPLv2 license.

23 .NET Open Source Projects

by Abel Avram on  Jul 02, 2009 12

Eric Nelson, a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and Technical Editor of MSDN UK Flash, has compiled a list of 23 .NET open source projects mostly based on recommendations sent by UK developers. Other great projects did not make it into the list, while Microsoft’s contribution include: ASP.NET MVC, DLR, IronRuby, IronPython, MEF.

OpenMoko Faces MP3 Patent Dispute

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 16, 2008

The Linux-based phone, OpenMoko is currently in a patent dispute with Sisvel, the Italian patent holding firm known for its aggressive enforcement of MPEG patents.

IcedTea: The First 100% Compliant Open-Source Java

by R.J. Lorimer on  Jun 21, 2008 8

The IcedTea project has passed the Java Test Compatibility Kit, becoming the first 100% open-source licensed Java implementation to be completely verified as Java-compliant.

IcedTea Bridges Open-Source Gap with OpenJDK

by R.J. Lorimer on  Jun 01, 2008

It has been over a year since OpenJDK was officially released by Sun. The IcedTea project has been created to help remove encumbrances in its adoption by the open-source community.

ExtJS Licensing Continues to Evolve as a Result of Controversal Switch from LGPL to GPLv3

by Nick Laiacona on  May 01, 2008

Jack Slocum, lead developer of the popular Javascript library ExtJS, announced this week a community effort to develop two new exceptions for open source software developed using ExtJS 2.1 or greater. This move came as a response to frustration and confusion surrounding recent changes in the Ext JS licensing model from LGPL to GPLv3.

More on RPC in Adobe Flex Applications with AMF, BlazeDS, and/or GraniteDS

by Jon Rose on  Dec 17, 2007 3

Last week, Adobe made a major change to the Adobe Flex Platform with the announcement that much of LiveCycle Data Services is being open sourced in the BlazeDS project, including the AMF specification and code. This change should eliminate one of the final cost and licensing barriers for those considering adopting the Flex Platform.

Dalvik, Android's virtual machine, generates significant debate

by Ryan Slobojan on  Nov 19, 2007 8

With the release of Google's Android SDK earlier this week, there was much discussion of the APIs and the expected impact in the mobile space. However, one particular area which generated significant debate in the Java community was the Dalvik virtual machine which is the basis of the Android platform.

The Story of TestDriven.NET and Visual Studio Express

by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 02, 2007 14

When we first reported on Jamie Cansdale's TestDriven.NET, it sounded like the classic big company bullies the little one. But as the full story was been revealed, sentiment has begun to swing from die-hard support for Jamie Cansdale to a call to boycott TestDriven.NET . InfoQ looks back at how this unfortunate incident came to pass.

Apache Harmony Questions Sun Regarding JCK License Terms

by James Kao on  Apr 11, 2007 2

Yesterday, Geir Magnusson Jr., VP of Apache Harmony, wrote an open letter to Sun Microsystems expressing dissatisfaction with IP rights restrictions in the Java Compatibility Kit license and frustration over the lack of traction discussing the matter with Sun.

Microsoft to Enforce User Interface Guidelines

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 24, 2006 1

In order to promote the ribbon design as a replacement for menus and toolbars, Microsoft has decided to license the Office 2007 User Interface including the new "ribbon paradigm " via a set of guidelines. And unlike previous guidelines and standards, violating a "mandatory" clause carries real legal repercussions.

The wide ranging impact of the XML Paper Specification

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 22, 2006 2

XML Paper Specification, or XPS, is a new XML-based format for creating formatted documents. Seen as a direct competitor to Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), it is one of the more controversial features in Windows Vista. Because it touches so much of the Windows infrastructure, it is expected to affect all users in one way or another.

Sun Refines Timetable for Open-Sourcing Java

by Scott Delap on  Oct 27, 2006 10

Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz stated at the Oracle OpenWorld Conference this week that Sun will announced the open-sourcing of the core Java platform within 30 to 60 days. This is a more aggressive timetable than previous comments by Sun's Rich Green who had indicated portions of Java being open-sourced starting this year and continuing into 2007.

Microsoft Open Specification Promise

by Stefan Tilkov Miko Matsumura on  Sep 14, 2006

Microsoft has announced the "Open Specification Promise", guaranteeing the freedom to legally implement any of the 35 Microsoft-supported Web services standards for both commercial and open source developers.

Sun commits to open source Java eventually

by Floyd Marinescu on  May 18, 2006 1

At Java One this week Sun said that open sourcing Java is no longer a question of whether, but how. This marks a different tone from previous years, perhaps the Apache Harmony project is succeeding in slowly turning Sun away into a different direction. Community reaction to the news has been mixed.