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Erik Costlow

Profile page created May 27, 2016

Twitter is @costlow Leading software architect focused on security and Java. Former product manager of Java 8.


Erik is a software security expert with extensive Java experience. Erik was the principal product manager in Oracle focused on security of Java 8, joining at the height of hacks and departing after a two-year absence of zero-day vulnerabilities. During that time, he learned the details of Java at both a corporate/commercial and community level. He also assisted Turbonomic's product management team to achieve $100M annual revenue in data center / cloud performance automation. Erik also lead product management for Fortify static code analyzer, a tool that helps developers find and fix vulnerabilities in custom source code. Erik is currently principal product evangelist for Contrast Security, helping create self-defending applications. He has also published several developer courses through Packt Publishing on data analysis, statistics, and cryptography.


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