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  • Smalltalk IDEs Come to the Browser: Jtalk, tODE, Lively Kernel 2.0

    Smalltalk has always had tight IDE integration and it now comes to the web. InfoQ looks at Jtalk, a Javascript-based Smalltalk implementation and tODE a web-based frontend to Pharo and GemStone Smalltalks. Also: a sneak peek at Lively Kernel 2.0 - a Smalltalk-ish development environment for the web.

  • jsFiction Releases jsDraw2D Javascript Library

    jsFiction announces the release of a 2D javascript graphics library, jsDraw2D - a pure JavaScript library to draw 2D graphics on web pages inside web browser without using SVG or VML. In addition to basic shapes (e.g. polygon, circle, arc), the developer can also create Bezier curves (linear, quadratic, cubic), set origins, and set scaling.