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Future of the Threading and Garbage Collection in Ruby - Interview with Koichi Sasada

by Werner Schuster on  Jul 31, 2009

InfoQ caught up with the creator of Ruby 1.9.x's VM Koichi Sasada to talk about what's coming for Ruby 1.9.2, the state of the Global Interpreter Lock (or Global VM Lock) and what it'll take to get a generational GC in 1.9.x.

JRuby Roundup: 1.1.3, rcov4jr, Rubinius MVM and FFI

by Werner Schuster on  Jul 23, 2008

JRuby 1.1.3 was released with Gems 1.2, improved performance, and many other fixes. Meanwhile the library support for JRuby increases, with a JRuby version of rcov in the works, as well as ports of Rubinius' Foreign Function Interface (FFI) and its MVM API.

RubyKaigi 2008: Standardization, 1.9 Roadmap

by Kaz Tajima Mirko Stocker on  Jul 03, 2008

News from RubyKaigi2008—the Japanese Ruby conference held at Tsukuba from June 20 through 22—concerning the planned Ruby standardization, the Ruby 1.9 roadmap and a glimpse at upcoming features in future versions of Ruby.

Common Ruby MVM API research kicked off

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 28, 2008

Research on the topic of Multiple VM (MVM) Ruby will be conducted at the University of Tokyo together with Sun's JRuby team. The work will investigate issues such as communication between VMs and a common API across all Ruby implementations, with solutions provided initially for Ruby and JRuby.